Some Of The Most Luxury Hotels On The Planet

Luxury Hotels

In this article, I’m going to mention some of the most expensive and some of the most luxurious hotels across the planet. Would you care for a sample life of caviar and champagne? You should definitely be sure to pack your designer clothes with your designer handbags and walk into these opulent hotels. They are managed by some of the best companies in the entire world. They also have some of the most luxurious amenities that a hotel can offer. You will certainly be surprised when you find out how much a night it is worth in one of these hotels.

Let’s get started with a wonderful one.

  1. The Emirates Palace in Abu Dhabi is definitely the most luxurious place that I have ever come across. They spent $3 billion to build it, and it has 394 rooms and suites. It has 40 conference rooms, and it also has a wonderful white sand beach. It has a myriad of poles and fountains. You can get some amazing spa services in this wonderful hotel. It is like a flash of force that will definitely meet all of the prestigious marina development standards of the Middle East. Royalty is something that is in excess in this grand hotel.
  2. The second one that I would like dimension is called the Burj Al Arab hotel in Dubai. I know what you’re thinking, Dubai has some very luxurious hotels into it. It is built to resemble a sale, and it has stunning architecture. It is also one of the most photographed locations in the entire world. It has state of the art equipment, and it has a spectacular view. It has upscale rooms that have 24/7 personal butlers and a chauffeur service. It is a hotel that caters to VIP clientele which offers opulent royalty.
  3. I am sure you would have guessed that this one was going to end up in this list; The Plaza Hotel in New York City. The Big Apple has a lot of legendary and swanky hotels, and The Plaza is definitely at the top of this list. This wonderful hotel boasts a library, generation, a grand piano room, full kitchen, its own private elevator, depending on how famous you are, and it is also an iconic structure in the historic landmark.
  4. The Atlantis Paradise Island in the Bahamas is next up on this list. It is on a 141-acre facility, and it is a premier luxury resort destination in the Bahamas. It has 22-carat gold chandeliers, and it also has butlers that are on call who will cater to your every whim.

If you are ever in any of these countries, I highly suggest visiting these hotels.

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